Stage…television…film..print.. Kathy Terrill has been and remains our “go to talent” when the role demands artistry, versatility and professionalism.”

- Doris Silk, Casting Director Media, Inc

Kathy Terrill has been an integral part of the team building success for Tensor’s line of Vision Max lighting product at QVC over the years. We hired Kathy over 2 years ago, and have built a business into Tensor’s #3 sized customer…we could not have done it without Kathy.

First, she absolutely studies her product, uses it, asks questions about it and will not go on air unless she is 100% prepared. She gives confidence to me, the on air host and the consumer.

Second, she is unbelievably reliable. I bet she has been on air for us over 200 all times of the day or night, on short and long notice…and she is there for us. Really it translates to more business for Tensor, more momentum.

Third, she is really good! Hosts trust her, she handles phone calls well, and she makes a nice presentation on all kinds of different types and styles of lamps.

Kathy is a tremendous team player..positive, helpful, offering suggestions and being there show after show.. we value her enormously!

- Jeff Brainard, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Tensor Corporation

Kathy was Prometheus for our first offering, later La Infanta, then a JAG prosecutor. When I say ‘was’ I should say ‘became’. She is obviously versatile, a beautiful spirit and possessed of a glittering intelligence. I enjoy working with her, and watching her work very much.

- Anthony Patton, Artistic Director Openwork Theatre Co.

Honestly one of the most professional and diligent models we at FFT have had the pleasure to work with. She’s more than proven her invaluable worth within the industry. If only other models were as professional as she is.

- Charlie Winfield, Agent Funny Face Today Model/Talent Agency NYC

Selling product on QVC is only partially about the product. We have seen that product absolutely sells better when the on air personality does a good job. For years our company has relied on Kathy to bring her salesmanship, quick thinking and personality to our products..and she has brought us tons of success! Our associates all love working with her because of her cooperation, professionalism and demeanor, Keep up the good work Kathy!

- Steve Lichter-Gentile, Lichter Associates Manufacturer’s Representative