Katherine (Kathy) Terrill won BEST ACTRESS in the REDEEMER NY 2011 48 FILM COMPETITION & FILM FESTIVAL for her tender portrayal of "Woman #3" in the festival's winner for Best Film THIEF.

Kathy brings compassion & astuteness to her many film, theatre & TV projects as well as corporate industrials & print work.

Whether her role is that of a woman shivering for need of a warm coat, to a power executive, or a woman lost in thought over a failed relationship - Kathy offers portrayals that are nuanced & compelling.

Kathy's work covers a varied range from LOLLY the "Bar Fly" on ALL MY CHILDREN, to the National Spokesperson for Tensor Corp on QVC to a lonely yet compassionate woman in the 2011 award winning short THIEF.

When not on stage or on camera Kathy is also a passionate ecommerce sales woman. She is an ebay top rated silver power seller. She was chosen by ebay to represent NY sellers in a Washington lobbying event in March of 2013 concerning the impact of sales tax on small business. Kathy has also appeared on the radio show ebay radio as an ecommerce selling expert. In January of 2014 Kathy was chosen by ebay to be their featured seller for the ebay for business facebook page & ebay for business twitter avatar.

Professionalism, passion & grace are brought to whatever project Kathy is working on.

kathy terill